drapery threshold

By paring down to only the essential elements required to achieve an elegant design, the Threshold collection offers a casual look to your window decor by eliminating all non-essential details that does not contribute to the artistry of the overall composition. Our inspiration stems from the simplicity of geometric shapes that can subtly accent any interior decor with minimalist designs. Finials from this assortment are made using top-graded Australian zinc alloy and treated with glossy electroplated finishes such as brushed brass, brushed nickel, and oil rubbed bronze. This complete rod set includes two finials, brackets, mounting hardware with installation instructions, and 1" telescoping poles. To accommodate windows with wider widths, the telescoping pole can extend up to 120".


Specificationsdrapery threshold
  • Finishes: 3 electroplated finishes
  • Finial Designs: 3 designs
  • Pole Diameter: 1"
  • Available widths: 36-66", 66-120"
  • Materials: Zinc alloy








drapery threshold