POP Size at Home
  • Size at home – Unique sizable PVC head rail design. Cut rail assembly & fabric in one step with cutting guide and blade provide. Product can be reduced with up to 18 inches (45cm).
  • 100% Child Safe! No dangerous, dangling cords.
  • This product features a unique durable spring tension device located inside the bottom rail for cordless operation. Top operate, just press the button located on the bottom rail and pull or push.
  • Beautifully textured non-woven polyester fabric of high quality that gently filters in natural light without sacrificing privacy.
  • Easy to install
  • Non-sizable version available in the POP cordless system.
  • Patent no: US 6865817 (U.S.A) and other patents pending.
POP Size at Home
  • Pleat size: 32mm / 1 ¼ “
  • Materials: Non-woven polyester fabric
  • Rail Assembly: PVC
  • Colors: White, Ivory and other available on request.
  • Size (Imperial): 18” - 48” (Width) ~ 64” - 72” (Length)
  • Size (Metric): 45 - 120cm (Width) ~ 160 – 180cm (Length)
  • Packaging: PVC/PET/Cardboard box
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