Golden Champion as an experienced cellular shade/blind producer also supplies
cellular/honeycomb fabrics to the International market. Our fabric quality
is rated at one of the best in the world and produced at our facilities
in Taiwan with the latest technology in honeycomb/cellular fabric production.


1. Fabric Types

Currently we use two types of non-woven polyester for our cellular fabric program.

  • Point Bond (Light Filtering & Room Darkening)
  • Spunlace (Only Light Filtering)
2. Fabric Cell Types

We can offer the following cell sizes.

  • Single Cell 3/8 (Stacking Pleated width = 25mm)
  • Single Cell 9/16" (Stacking Pleated width = 35mm)
  • Double Cell 3/8 (Stacking Pleated width = 35mm)
3. Fabric Blanket Dimensions


  • The market prefers widths of 2.5m or 3m.
  • The maximum width is 4.5m


  • We prefer a maximum amount of 700 cells in length.
  • 700 Cells for 3/8 single cell equals to 13.16 meters (One cell = 1.88cm)
  • 700 Cells for 9/16" single cell equals to 18.11 meters (One cell = 2.59cm)
4. Minimum Order Quantity
  • Point Bond - Stock Colors : 50 units
  • Spunlace - Stock Colors : 30 units