Golden Champion's Brands

The SafeTouch brand is currently sold at the retailer Canadian Tire (Canada) with our Cordless Cellular Shade. We indicate this logo as the brands of some of our distributors as an indication that this is a child safe product designed by us.


The Miro brand is used by our U.S.A subsidiary Golden Champion North America. This brand is mainly used for Made to Measure business in America where a U.S.A office is a necessity. We have also used this brand for some retailers like Big Lots directly approached by our U.S.A office.


The Econofit brand is currently sold at the retailer Target (U.S.A) for our Cordless Paper Cellular Shade. We use this brand for our economical cellular fabric designs using Paper and Polypropylene.


The Design to Fit brand is used for our DIY size at home Cordless Cellular Shade products and has been sold at retailers like BJ's Wholesale (U.S.A).