Company Profile
  • Golden Champion was founded in 1972 as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in Taiwan. Since our establishment we have developed into a well-known original design manufacturer (ODM) in the International Window Covering Industry. Golden Champion is a wholly owned subsidiary of King Koon Industrial Corporation.
  • Currently we have two factories in China and two factories in Vietnam. Our head office is located in Taiwan and is mainly focused on Marketing, Customer Services, Financial Management and Research & Development. Currently we have nearly 1500 employees.
  • After nearly four decades in the industry our main market is North America which represents almost 70% of our sales. Our products are currently sold at major retailers or by distributors in the following countries:
    North America: Canada, Mexico and the United States of America (U.S.A).
    Europe: Denmark, Finland, Germany, the United Kingdom (UK), Netherlands, Norway and Sweden.
    Australasia: Australia and New Zealand
    Asia: China, Hong Kong and Japan.
  • All our products are produced, packaged and shipped from our factories in China & Vietnam directly to retailers and distributors.


Golden Champion Industrial Ltd
215 Jeou Ju 1st Road, Sun Ming District, Kaohsiung City 807,
Taiwan, Tel no: +886-7-6240939

King Koon Industrial Corporation
No.48, Lane 2, Yongle St., Gangshan Township, Kaohsiung County 82064,
Taiwan, Tel: +886-7-6229661



Golden Cool Industrial Ltd. (Factory 1)
Feng Der Ling Industrial Zone, Fenggang Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province 523692. China, Tel no: 86-769-87752370

Golden Bright Industrial Corporation (Factory 2)
Summit Industrial Corporation (Factory 3 - same location)
Jin Feng Huang Industrial. Park, Fenggang Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province 523689, China,Tel no: 86-769-87515170


Viet Nam Summit Industrial Co., Limited.
Factory: D3+D4+D5 Lot, Phuc Khanh Industrial Park, Thai Binh City, Thai Binh Province, Vietnam, Tel no: +84 -363- 615599/ 615131

Product Design
  • Golden Champion is strongly focused on Research and Development in order to differentiate our products from that of competitors. We have several patents and other patents pending for our product operating systems and our machines designed by our R&D engineers based in Taiwan & China.
  • For Window Blinds/Shades, our main design focus is child safety. We then focus on the complementary aesthetics, ease of use & installation while taking the environment in mind in the materials used for our products.
  • For Decorative Drapery Hardware, our in-house Design team’s focus is creating unique designs in metal & plastic materials that are price competitive and that would differentiate our customers.
  • Our overall goal is therefore to drive the market share of our company and customers with safe, fashionable, exclusive and economical window treatment products.
  • The message communicated by the artwork labels of our products in retail stores are directly related to the sales performance. Our Design team creates unique artwork labels with the latest software for all our products. This ensures that we and our retailers & distributors generate more sales due to the perception of additional value by the end-users of our products.
  • Le Père Restaurant Group – With the recent food-safety scandals in Taiwan, individuals are now paying more attention to the ingredients used for making the food they eat. Having realized this new opportunity, we opened our new restaurant and bakery group in 2015, foucsing on serving healthy and delicious dishes and pastries free of plasticizer, counterfeit olive oil, and other tainted or harmful ingredients. Since then, we have built a loyal and stable customer base around our region and is planning on expanding into other parts of the city in the near future.
  • Hao Fu Xing Development Corporation Limited – Founded in 1993, our domestic gas station chain has been supplying gasoline and diesel fuel in the greater Kaohsiung region for over two decades now. In the earlier days we were an independently owned organization distributing products for CPC Corporation, a state-owned petroleum, natural gas, and gasoline company in Taiwan. In the early 2000s, we became a distributor for Formosa Petrochemical Corporation, the Nation’s first ever privately-owned refinery in Taiwan. In the late 2000s, our gas station chain joined the NPC Gas franchise and have been operating under this brand since.
  • Global Champion – As the demand for gas oil and diesel fuel in the Asia Pacific continues to surge, we have recently established our Sourcing branch, with a primary goal of securing an alternative source of supply. Currently we have customers in the Oil Storage and Global Marine Bunkering business looking for new suppliers in our region so we look to capitalize on this opportunity.